Why You Should Visit an Invisalign® Dentist Office

Posted on: July 3rd, 2015 by Dr. Aaron Moneyhan

Invisalign® DentistFor an Invisalign® dentist, the best thing is being able to give a patient back a perfect smile or to see a patient have the smile they have always been craving for the first time. In a world of social norms, where the smile is one of the most frequently used gestures and one that has a serious impact on how you are perceived, it is a sad statistic that 52 percent of the population admits that they would only smile more if they had a better-looking teeth. A mere 35 percent of the population have perfectly aligned front teeth, despite the fact that well-aligned teeth make for a great smile, and 89 percent of people surveyed reported that they found a perfect smile an enhancement that improved another person’s attractiveness. Part of the problem has been old-world thinking that braces are the only way to straighten teeth, before the advent of Invisalign® dentists. As adults are becoming more aware that Invisalign® is almost completely invisible, they are taking advantage of this system in record numbers. Today, one in five patients of an Invisalign® dentist are adults. This shift is partly due to the fact that adults realize the importance of social dynamics and are often in a situation where they need to make a great first impression. When you consider that most first impressions are made within 15 seconds of meeting a person and that 53 percent of the population makes their first judgment about you based on your smile, the importance of seeing an Invisalign® dentist and getting straighter teeth becomes more apparent.

An Invisalign® dentist typically gets asked a million questions about the product and how it works. The one we find the most intriguing because it gives your Invisalign® dentist the chance to truly talk about Invisalign® is why a person should chose this system over a more traditional approach like braces. There are many reasons, but the short answer can be summed up in three easy words. Invisalign® is the best choice because it is comfortable, customized, and clear.

With Invisalign®, we give you a solution that is completely customized. You Invisalign® dentist will take all your measurements in the clinic and then send them to the lab, which in turn will fabricate a perfect set of aligners for your first adjustments. Based on your goals, the lab will send out a custom pair of aligners every two weeks. These aligners are designed to be extremely comfortable, so you no longer have to deal with the discomfort of having something in your mouth all the time. Unlike metal braces, over 83 percent of all patients were perfectly adjusted to their new aligners within two to three days of receiving them in the mail. This dedication to comfort comes from the fact that the more comfortable you are, the more likely you are to wear your aligners the required 22 hours per day. Also in line with this was making the aligners clear and virtually invisible, so you can be at work, school, or in any social situation and wear your aligners without feeling self-conscious.